Friday, May 23, 2014

Cartoon Portrait Gallery from Friday's Track Out class and some marker sketching practice doodles

Couple of demo drawings were made with Creatacolor nero lead. Might look and feel like a pencil, but is not really erasable. Affords the darkness of charcoal without the mess thanks to its grease component. Fixing might not be required in a sketchbook, but you may want to consider it to completely prevent smudges.

Colored sample was drawn on Canson XL marker paper and colored with Chartpak AD markers.

On the last day of the week-long track out art camp, we had students change gears a bit with their choice of basic sketching tools. Thus they were encouraged to sketch directly with marker and to tackle some cartoon portraits of their own using their fellow classmates as models.

Snapshot of my Dry-Erase board.

Students made good use of the large sheets of paper used to cover the classroom tables to get plenty of sketching practice, explore favorite themes, and experiment with different markers. You really can sketch and draw faster using markers instead of pencils.  Of course erasing is not an option, and you might just have to cover up any stray marks or mistakes with a bolder line or simply leave your sketchy marks in.

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