Thursday, May 22, 2014

Custom Marker Sketchbook for Classroom use

Made a few 6" X 9"  booklets using pages from a Canson XL Marker pad, folded them in halves, and stapled it with a cardstock cover to make some marker sketchbooks for upcoming track out classes at the Art Center.

Usually I dedicate the first few pages of a sketchbook for color reference charts. Prismacolor double ended markers lay down bright sample swatches that do not bleed through the 18 lb marker paper, but they are still visible through the translucent sheet which is suitable for tracing tasks. You can easily slip some line art underneath, and copy the image with a marker-proof pen like a Sakura Pigma Sensei drawing pen for coloring later.

The Chartpak AD markers look quite bold on this paper, but they give off a much stronger chemical solvent smell while being applied.

Sample cartoon portrait colored with the Chartpak AD markers. The sleek paper surface allows for quick and smooth uniform coverage.

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