Saturday, May 10, 2014

Private Lesson Cartoon Portrait Gallery

While the students worked on drawing 4 different faces expressing different emotions, I took the opportunity to sketch each student during a private lesson today.

My new Kaweco clutch pencil performed well for the task with its soft 5B lead, and only needed to sharpen its point once after the first 5 portraits.

Just managed to document half of them in my phone.

Later in the day ended up drawing a few more cartoon portraits at a First Communion reception party. This time I used a Cretacolor Ecologic clutch pencil loaded with a soft Nero lead. This oil-based lead lays down deep dark marks that are pretty smudge-resistant, and can also yield some subtle shading just like a regular pencil. The advantage is that it's not messy, and its disadvantage is that it is not easily erased. The Kaweco lead pointer was still quite handy in restoring the sharp point to the blunt Nero lead.

An unusual example where I fit three siblings in a landscape format on a letter size card stock sheet. The longer barrel of the Ecologic leadholder is helpful when drawing longer strokes like while shading large hairstyles.

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